Made to measure

Would you like to place a custom order? It is possible!

The exchanges to understand your request and the estimate are free.

There are two possibilities:

  • either you like one of the ready-to-wear creations I propose and you want it in your size and/or to your taste.
  • or you have an idea in mind and you want me to create a new model to match it. Ask me the impossible, I love a challenge. Ask me for a copy of your favourite simple dress, that works too 🙂

You can contact me via Facebook messenger ( or via my other social media :

or you can directly email me: lhaulde at

Reminder of the basic advice for taking your measurements:

Please note you can use inches and all that, I will convert in centimeters myself 😉

  • if possible, take them directly on the skin, without any clothing whatsoever which will create an additional thickness
  • make sure the tape measure is straight, a curve will add extra centimeters/inches
  • do not tighten the tape measure, the garment will be too tight
  • if the measurement is not correct, round up to the next centimetre/inch, or at least to the next 0.5 centimetre/inch, this will also prevent you from being engorged
  • the bust measurement should be taken when breathing in, unless you like to be compressed when you breathe 😉

Extract from the T&Cs for custom orders:

6- Modalities of an order for a custom made item :
This will take place in writing, either on messenger via Facebook™ (lhaulde.couture.7) or by email (lhaulde at gmail dot com) or via my other social media

The exchanges that precede the order and the estimate are free.

However, having knowledge of the practices of certain people via my colleagues, any request for a pattern or technical explanation of the realization of the article will end the exchange. Classes and patterns are not free 😉

If you wish me to create a new design, which I do not offer yet, please be as precise as possible: silhouette, type of fabric, type of colour or pattern etc. You can use your own words, no need to be a specialist !
Do not hesitate to attach a sketch, even a rough one or a picture of a similar clothe.
I will also do some sketches to make sure that I understand your idea and that we are on the same page.

The estimate takes into account the estimated time to complete the work, the cost of materials (by default I will propose the cheapest, I remain attached however to the œko tex certification and if organic exists for the same quality of fabric, I may propose it) the social contributions and shipping costs.
I don’t charge extra, except if you ask for a modification/addition during the realization.

Validity of the estimate : 3 months

Acceptance of the estimate :
The customer must affix two handwritten notes to the estimate:
« received before work is done ».
« bon pour travaux » (which means « good for work » in french, meaning you accept the estimate) along with the date and signature of the customer

The full payment is requested before the beginning of the execution of the article. This payment can however be made in several instalments, please note that it will delay as much the beginning of execution.

Start and execution of the order:
The execution of the order begins upon receipt of the completed estimate and full payment.
The execution time is specific to each order and is mentioned in the estimate.

Withdrawal and refund
If the execution time is exceeded by 7 days, you can cancel your order.
The same applies to the delivery time.
You will then be refunded.

If you wish to withdraw for other reasons, you will have to agree on an amicable arrangement. A full refund is not possible in this case, I incur costs from the beginning of the execution, they will be charged to you.

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